House Shifting Service in Dhaka

Our Experts moving team will handle every step of the house shifting process, No matter of the volume, distance or quality of your move. Our team is committed to world class shifting services. We provide Local, Intercity And International House shift Services.

Before you choose us as your home moving company, one of our highly capable our Movers will provide.

Other house shifting companies don’t compare

House Shifting Service in Dhaka

The house-shifting services that we provide are affordable, useful, and convenient. Other home shifting companies will offer moving services, but our moving methods are built on years of proven success and customers who are pleased. We developed the plan to move the van lines, and other moving companies have followed our moving model. Shifting needs special planning for both your time and your cost, and we are dedicated to offering ways to make your move fit with your schedule as well as your financial responsibilities. Whether you are moving around the city or to another district, House shifting provides residential moving services that allow you to stay in control of your move while benefiting from our expert moving resources.

House moving companies

When it comes to Shifting is dedicated to providing a personal Move Plan that meets the needs of all of its clients. We recognize that every home move is different, and we strive to provide a variety of move resources geared toward providing a more personalized move experience. Movers and Packers shifting plan is designed with you in mind, tailor-made to fit your budget, time, and move needs.

  • Every moving company is different, here is what to expect:
  • Transparent prices
  • No hidden charge
  • Government Change Approval Company
  • Warranty coverage
  • strong references
  • Full-service shifting package
  • Quality customer service.
  • Additional care of the sensitive article.

Full packing and moving service

Our shifting services include truck, pickup, covered truck, safe storage, proper and safe packaging, be it for household items, office furniture, fragile items (such as delicate musical instruments) or even classic Piano and pool table. We also specialize in home moving, so if you move into your home in the Dhaka or across the whole country, please trust us to deliver your items intact and on time.

And if you need the help of professional craftsmen, such as a professional painter, plumber, or electrician, our Customer Service team is there to assist you.

We are pleased to provide a competitive move quote that we are sure you will be very happy with.

Classic package

This service package is perfect for those who want to take an active part in their move. It’s up to you how much of the service you do yourself, and this convincing package offers you the fairly priced and flexible use of our services.

Economy package

This service package allows you to arrange the majority of tasks yourself. You take care of the packing and dismantling of your furniture, for which we can of course provide the necessary material.

Once you have finished all the packing and other tasks, we will be available for you to load and transport your goods to your new home.

At the time agreed!

Co-load package

This service package provides the optimal way to transport small items of household goods. Why should you order a van for the removal of just a few items? House Movers Power Lane Haulers are constantly crisscrossing the continent and are happy to take your small shipment as a co-load or in combination with another move.

Why choose a house shifting services us?

House Shifting can be quite a daunting job. However, by working with professional shifting’s, you can significantly simplify the entire process. Some of the reasons why it’s important to hire a shifting company rather than on your own include:

1. Professionals offer packing materials and packaging services, ensuring that all of your belongings are safely loaded onto a truck, shipped and unloaded from the truck.

2. Hiring a professional will also save you time. Since the moving company will do everything for you, from packing to loading, shipping, and unloading, you will have time to do other things and settle into your new home.

3. Hiring professionals can also help you save money, this may seem unlikely, but the truth is that your lack of work experience can cause damage that can cost you a lot if you choose us. Professionals have the necessary skills to ensure that the damage associated with the move is minimized.

Preparation for packing day

Moving day

House Shifting Packing Materials

Packing Materials

When the Labor arrives, our team leader will confirm with you all items to be removed before they begin to carefully pack your belongings.


The labor of our packaging teams is known for their technical skills in packaging, as well as their courtesy when visiting your home. We also use specialized packaging materials to make sure your items are properly cared for.


Before loading, each item is numbered to match the packaging inventory. Color-coded labels are also used to help delivery teams match items with the correct rooms at the destination.


Through our training programs, our teams follow best practice methods for handling your belongings safely and carefully.

Tips for preparing for packing day

✔ Make sure that you (or someone you trust) are present during the arrival and departure of our packaging team.

✔ Let us know if specific permits or reservations are required for parking, access or service elevators.

✔ Empty and defrost your refrigerator / freezer at least 24 hours before move-in day. Plumbed refrigerators must be disconnected and drained beforehand.

✔ Unplug your washer, drain all water, and install a stabilizer bar / bolt to secure the bowl or drum in transit.

✔ Remove and fold all bedding from the beds. The water beds must be drained and dismantled before the day of the move.

✔ Drain fuel from any mechanical item, such as mowers, mowers, chainsaws, and blowers.

✔ Make sure that all outdoor items are completely clean and free of dirt, dirt or grass. Sort loose items in garages and garden sheds, disposing or separating non-moving items.

✔ Make sure the items to be packed are clearly identified.

✔ Remove the self-assembly furniture you want to pack in advance. Unless it has been previously agreed with your Move Manager.

✔ Disconnect stereo and home theater systems. Take digital photos of the cables so you can easily put them together at the destination.

✔ Remove ink cartridges from printers and batteries from any sets, toys and electrical equipment.

✔ Inform your motion manager if you are considering taking food, alcohol, or liquids. Some countries have strict rules regarding the import of these items.

✔ Be sure to back up all data stored on electronic devices.

Do you want to know more about how our Move Managers are there to support you? Click here.

Leave the stress of shifting your house with us!

Our state-of-the-art transportation facilities, equipment, and premium packaging materials will help you keep your homes perfectly safe and intact at all times during your shifting.

Our specialized Shifting services include:

• Complete shifting of the house

• Packing and storage

• Disassembly and reinstallation

• Transfer of a studio apartment.

• Transfer of plants and pets

Once you hire our services, we will appoint one of our expert removal consultants who will assess all of your needs, including special requirements for long-distance moving across the country. We serve world-class packaging and moving services from start to finish the arrival of all your possessions safely to your new home. We continually strive to make your move memorable and stress-free. For any questions call us directly or visit our website

  • Disassemble and reassemble a range of furniture items including, sofas, large wall units, bookshelves, large hanging pictures, dining tables, piano and pool tables, large wall units, beds, and much more.
  • Extensive network capabilities by partnering with reliable furniture removal service providers to ensure the seamless and safe relocation of heavy furniture or machinery to almost all popular cities and provinces in Dhaka.
  • We guarantee exceptional removal and relocation of furniture at the cheapest price.
  • Our talented Furniture Moving Company Bangladesh even helps customers to pick up and dispose of old and unwanted pieces of furniture with great care.

Free estimates for house shifting in Dhaka

House Shifting Assessment Manager

Are you looking for free quotes for a house shifting in Dhaka? is the absolute place to start your home relocation service. You can find home change companies anywhere in Bangladesh in our database and request free quotes for House change in Bangladesh. We will be pleased to help you find the cheapest office shifting service quotes and solve your moving problems. We offer the most competitive rates to guarantee maximum savings. The best moving service at the best prices is what we promise!

Bangladesh district is intended for both the rich and the poor, as offering on with everyday life can be fun and mundane at the same time. But the first steps of moving to the district can be something that can be the best experience of your life or the worst, simply depending on the company you hire for the change of address. That is why it is prudent to wisely invest some time and effort in hiring a professional home change company in Dhaka. And to save time and money and make the most of available resources, check out the simplest and most efficient search portal,

It is a common mistake to think that all the packers and movers service charge a lot for the home change fee services they offer. But the fact is, every moving company specializes in some areas without being skilled and perfect in other areas. That is why one needs the help of the experienced when it comes to finding details about any office shifting, working methods, specializations and, of course, the cost.

Our Long Distance House Shifting Charge

Sl No. Present District New District Full Service Shifting Charge
   From Chittagong To Dhaka 25,000-35000/-
  From  Khulna To Dhaka 35,000-40,000/-
  From Rajshahi To Dhaka 35,000-40,000/-
  From Sylhet To Dhaka 40,000-45,000/-
  From Mymensing To Dhaka 20,000-30,000/-
  From Rangpur To Dhaka 30,000-35000/-
  From Barishal To Dhaka 45,000-50,000/-
  From Dhaka Any District of Bangladesh 25,000-55,000/-

By you can simply find domestic and international shifting service providers by just filling a simple query form. You must complete the quick inquiry form available on our site. This form will allow us to know your moving details, such as where you will be moving to, the quantities of your goods, the moving dates, etc. After completing the form, wait a few minutes and we will provide you with free moving quotes. in your city. You can compare the quotes and hire the one that fits your budget and that suits your needs.

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